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Blog (salon)

Research Salon:
In 2001 and 2002, when we had the luxury of meeting in person (in the New York / New Jersey area), we had research salons. The loose agenda was based on three questions:
Since that time, we've had only the rarest of opportunities to meet face to face. Even at a conferences, it's improbable that we'll get everyone to show up all at once.

This blog aspires to keep some ideas moving, although they're unlikely to happen at the same pace as when we have quality time together.
Please leave us a message on the blog if you find anything interesting!


We're regular contributors to ISSS meetings. Sometimes we start papers there, and then develop them further for publication. Some content is rambling, and some has been professionally edited.

Publications are listed in two different ways:


Digests are not the official transcripts of a meeting or an event, but instead one participant's account. David Ing is renowned for taking rather complete notes of meetings in progress, and most recently, for recording digital audio. (Some sessions are available in MP3 format, if you want to a copy, send a request!)

The web presents an interesting opportunity and caution to researchers. On the one hand, the nearly-instant digital reproduction of documents permits wide access into a broad range of ideas. On the other hand, the potential for misunderstanding through misquoting   possibly even just mistyping   is great. Documents on the web reinforce a standard of caveat lector -- let the reader beware!

This web site includes digests of three types.

These digests include a large amount of content from ISSS meetings, the International Conference on Systems Thinking, and opportunities to meet with other renowned systems thinkers.
Some presentations are not oriented at professors or  deep systems thinkers, but business professionals who are trying to refresh their knowledge base.  Professors sometimes give guest lectures when touring around the world.
Most of the Systemic Business Community are involved with business schools and universities in one way or another. The content of these talks is may or may not include systemic approaches, but may more closely follow the disciplines of traditional teaching.


The About page lists some members of the Systemic Business Community. As a natural course in a community, some are more involved at some times than others, and new members come to share interests.

The blog and web pages are maintained on a voluntary basis. This is intended as a not-for-profit learning opportunity, where education and research is shared peer-to-peer. We get as much as we give. (The founders were happily otherwise employed, and apply the learnings in their everyday practice.)

If you're interested in this content, the best way to plug into the community is to get involved with the Special Integration Group on Systems Applications in Business and Industry at one of the annual meetings of the ISSS.

Some content on this website may be subject to prior copyrights.
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